We are lucky in the mid-Michigan area to have two good options for emergency/after hours care for your pet.  Our doctors are confident in the care given at both of these facilities.   If you have an emergency while our office is closed, please go to, or call one of the following:

1) Michigan State University Small Animal Hospital: 517-353-5420.  736 Wilson Rd., East Lansing.  It is located across the street from Wharton Center.

2) Greater Lansing Veterinary Center: 517-708-2525.  1290 West Grand River Ave., Suite 500, Williamston.

Both are open 24/7/365.  We have chosen to recommend these facilities due to the quality of care they can provide, and how they work closely with us to be sure we are aware of your visit with them, so we can coordinate the best care for your pet.

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