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Meet The Clinic Pets

Lola the Holland Lop

Miss Lola is a 3 year old Holland Lop and can be found more often than not in our lobby in her cage. When she's not helping to greet our guests - she's hopping around in our hallways and munching on the occasional carrot or apple. If you don't see her when you come in, please ask! She loves to be petted!

Bubbles the Cat

Meet Bubbles, pictured above, doing some of the things that she does best around here. She earns her keep by lending a helping paw out whenever necessary. Her best work is done on the counter stretching out, oftentimes taking up the entire counter space. She is a quirky, 9 year old, domestic shorthaired kitty who brings the clinic lots of laughs with her antics. She is constantly trying new diet plans for weight loss and periodically holds a blog that can be found here our Facebook page.


InBowser is our senior resident at the clinic and will be 17 years old this year! He spends his time lounging either on a cushy seat or on top of our kitty tower on a pile of blankets. He is being made more comfortable in his old age thanks to our innovative new laser therapy that we offer - great for those arthritic joints that are unavoidable with being a senior pet! < the past, Bowser has made several trips to pre-schools and elementary schools in the area. He has been a hit among hundreds of children in the DeWitt area at one time or another.

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