Pet Bathing in DeWitt, MI

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Pet Bathing

Routine and therapeutic bathing are available at DeWitt Veterinary Hospitals, P.C.

Pet Bathing

Bathing your pet is an important part of pet care. Bathing your pet on a regular basis helps to remove dirt, dander, and salt from his or her coat and skin. Bathing your pet can also help prevent skin infections and other problems. However, in order to avoid injury, it is critical to bathe your pet properly. All dogs who come in for a bath must have up-to-date vaccinations on file. This is for the protection of all dogs in our care. The staff at DeWitt Veterinary Hospitals, P.C. in DeWitt, MI is knowledgeable about pet bathing and can give you the information you need to bathe your pet safely. We also provide a number of services to keep your pet healthy and looking good. To learn more about our pet bathing services, please contact us today!